Opera Gets Into One-Click Mobile Payments With New Partnership

    Oprea is an old timer in the Scandinavian digital scene, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t stopped innovating. The Norwegian company has seen sizable growth on their mobile browser; they’ve recently revealed that more than 208 million people used the Opera Mini app in December of 2012. Due to these numbers, they’re going after the growing demand for a mobile payments flow that makes sense.

    To do so, yesterday Opera’s payment arm partnered with Italian Neomobile to bring one-click operator billing to the Opera Payment Exchange (OPX) service.

    “The next step for us will be the integration of our Onebip mobile payment service to let merchants and other media companies to make the most of all the ways to monetize their services through the Opera Mini browser,” says Gianluca D’Agostino, CEO, Neomobile in Opera’s press release.

    Opera mini users will then be able to purchase goods in the 70+ countries where Neomobile supports operator billing though their Onebip solution.

    Aside from Sweden-based 13th Labs and their PointCloud browser (which has awesome augmented reality features) I can’t think of any other browsers really innovating on the mobile browsing concept.