Copenhagen's Opbeat Raises €1.75 Million From Balderton & Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify Co-founders

    Just yesterday our servers went down for a little bit – we ran out of memory or a table was corrupt or something around those lines. Luckily I pay someone to carry most of that stress, but at first it looked like an ugly bug. Our CTO told us his palms were sweating after seeing the error message. Such is the life of a modern internet company.

    “The untold truth is that being a modern web developer is a very demanding job – a literal 24/7 always-on job.” says Copenhagen-based serial entrepreneur and investor, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal about Opbeat, the startup he’s been working on the past 15 months.

    To help carry some of that burden, they’re announcing a new startup, Opbeat and a lot of money and smart people behind it. The startup was founded 15 months ago after their experience starting and running web companies. Small teams of developers end up wasting valuable hours to bring together tools to manage their web operations, when they could be working on more productive things.

    Opbeat is still in private beta, but says it will be launching in late 2013.

    The company just raised an impressive amount of money form some impressive people. Yesterday they announced a $2.7 million round led by Balderton capital. Previously it raised seed money earlier this year from Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, Facebook co-founder Andrew McCollum, former Spotify CTO Andreas Ehn. And to get it off the ground, the Copenhagen ecosystem was at play with an original investment by Madsen-Mygdal, and Steffen Tiedemann Christensen from 23

    “Our backers understand that modern web development has changed. Developers, in teams, deploy code several times a day which requires collaboration. Today, many companies waste time building and stitching together self-hosted ops solutions. This sucks,” Opbeat CEO Rasmus Makwarth puts plainly.