One Minute Startup News: TalentAdore

We are impressed by how so much easier and more personal the recruitment process is with the Talent Adore app.

TalentAdore helps companies to provide personal feedback for each applicant and carry on engagement on a highly individual level during and after the recruitment process. Just imagine, you have to reply to each of your job candidates personally and provide an extensive feedback.

If you are a dream company, doing this to 100 candidates would take up to 25 hours of manual labour by your HR. Talentadore reduces that number to 17 minutes with its patent-pending algorithms for natural language processing.

The Talent Adore virtual recruitment assistant empowers you to give 100% personalised status updates and feedback messages to each job candidate individually and with no extra time. You can handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions.

Together with 2 other Finnish companies, and Universe, Talent Adore was selected as one of the EU’s top 50 startups. The selection of the Top 50 startups covered all the European Union member countries and the winners were invited to present at the Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels. Other selected startups from the Nordics were from Denmark, Eduro from Latvia, Gllechi and Inkonova from Sweden.