On a mission to make online dating more honest?

Swedish selfie-based online dating application 7heaven wants to help its users to avoid the ‘first date disappointments’.

In this new era of online dating through matchmaking applications, Swedish 7heaven has recognized a common source of disappointment for singles eager to meet new interesting people: old profile pictures that might not tell the whole truth of person’s present appearance.

This seems to be a game changer for the industry as according to 7heaven it has been researched that approximately half of the people using online dating services today have experienced that profile pictures don’t really match reality.

“Our mission was to solve this problem – that is to find a way in which users can create a more real and up-to-date profile where you don’t have the opportunity to select your best pictures, which might be five or ten years old,” says Jim Lind, the Founder of 7heaven.

It all starts with a selfie

The basic idea of 7heaven is to make starting to date people more see-through and that’s why they call the service ‘honest dating app’. The basis of the service is the photo flow, which consist of self portraits of the user.

To give an up-to-date impression of the potential partners, 7heaven’s technical solution makes it impossible to post a selfie older than 6 hours – And for additional security, each image comes with a time stamped overview map position of the location where the selfie has been taken. To avoid all misuses, the user must take the selfie with the application’s built-in camera with the same smartphone where the app has been downloaded.

Through these features the profiles of users’ are kept updated constantly, since it’s created of a flow of freshly snapped selfies and a short biography of the person.

7heaven, launched in May 2015 in Stockholm, states that with the app “what you see is what you get” is now true in online dating – And that’s a beautiful mission as they’re creating the service from real people to real people in their target group of 18–30 years old.

Company also got one of the Sweden’s hottest pop stars, Eric Saade, joining the company which will especially keep the female target group wondering if they’ll bump into the prince of their dreams through the app.

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