Oindex.fiOindex is a new iniative by Matti Hirvonen to create a competitor for the commercial TNS Metrix in Finland. TNS Metrix is the defacto analytics service in Finland used to keep track of visitors, pageviews and sessions. The data from TNS Metrix can be seen at Gallupweb for the services listed in the measurement.

Oindex is currently being developed and thus is unavailable to beta testers. You can leave your e-mail on the site to keep yourself notified of new releases.

The idea of Oindex was first covered in Optimointi.com, a Finnish blog on web analytics. Oindex will be free to the users, unlike TNS Metrix, and the data is collected from a credible third party source – Google Analytics. Websites joining the service will be able to select what data they want to be made available to the public.