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The service ranges from being able to advise a visitor on a purchase or service, to guiding them throughout the purchase process.

When they changed our calls to “robots” that answer, it was strange. And finally, in times without a pandemic, there was the option of going “live” to a customer service point. Today, the solution of problems is in most of the services being channeled via mail, telephone or message on social networks. But anxiety, in the face of some problem, is controlled differently when it is attended live.

“Live human interaction plays an essential role when it comes to solving problems,” UC psychologist Carlos Zúñiga. “There are many people who just by hearing that it is a bot or recorder, they cut the call. It just does not give them assurance that their problem can be solved,” he adds. How to solve this in times of pandemic? Chilean entrepreneurs presented an option: a video chat platform.

As a way to enhance customer service, delivering more tools on the web, Ocular was launched, a system that allows companies to build deeper relationships with their customers by providing “face-to-face” access in real time through video chat in their websites.

The platform, which is compatible with most operating systems, can be installed on any web page and requires no downloads for anyone. In addition, in economic terms, it offers flexible rates adapted to the needs of each organization that requires it. In this sense, Fernando Moya, CEO of Ocular Solution, states that “the system is used by companies to improve efficiency and conversion, which refers to the interest in improving their customer service, making it faster, easy and user-friendly. ”

“Meanwhile, the conversion occurs because with the Ocular video call service, the customer can clarify their doubts, request guidance in their purchases, and feel accompanied throughout the process while browsing within the company’s website”, he adds. that feeling of “accompaniment” while a solution is being managed is key in controlling the anxiety that a problem or not understanding something can generate, according to the psychologist consulted.

“By talking with salespeople or advisors and seeing their faces, customers tune in better with them, feel heard and well served, so their purchases and resolution of queries are finalized sooner,” says the CEO of Ocular.

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