Nutiteq Releases Open Source Mobile Mapping SDK

    Nutiteq logoNutiteq is an Estonian startup founded in 2006. The company has released an open source J2ME mobile mapping library product called MGMaps SDK, which might be the first open source one (add in comments if you know others). The software enables fast development of advanced mobile mapping applications, and also allows adding mobile mapping to other mobile applications.

    Nutiteq’s objective with the library is to make the custom mobile mapping development as easy, affordable, and flexible as Google Maps API on the web. The company claims that anybody with basic J2ME knowledge can make custom mobile mapping applications with their tools in less than 30 minutes. The library is also customizable and extendable. J2ME and Blackberry platforms are supported currently, and support for other mobile platforms is promised to come later.

    The main target of the company are mobile application developers, but Nutiteq offers also end-to-end client-server custom solutions. By default Nutiteq’s library uses OpenStreetMap global map data, but it also supports other commercial and custom sources. Nutiteq uses dual licensing for its products, offering the library both under GPL and commercial license. The firm lists a few references already, including Estonian mobile operator EMT, Connect2Car, and Navizon.

    Nutiteq is currently looking to expand it’s reach and international partner portfolio. I heard through the grapevine the company might also be doing something with Finnish, though it’s yet unclear how the companies’ interests align.