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Sami Leino, one of the founders of Spinlet, got in touch with us about their new visual search engine Nuemo. Nuemo is one of the products they are creating to democratize search.

Spinlet was founded by three Finns, who all have backgrounds in SaaS, mobile technology and IPR. According to Sami, they are building their company bottom up, through their model: invent, protect, productize, commercialize. They have filed patents for their products and are thus at the third step, productizing of their services. The company has been self funded from the start, since they founded in 2005.

Nuemo itself is relatively new and has just been opened to the public this month. The product itself is positioned to become an extension of traditional search, according to Sami Leino. They are targeting the B2B market together with R&D professionals. I’m sure there is a lot of potential with visualising search results exactly in the way Nuemo is doing it, but I’m quite not sure of the way it should be done. I mean, many if not all of the major search engines are based on text based output. Visualising the search results in an easily understandable way should be of someone’s interest especially when you’re building relationships and dependencies between nodes.

Having said so, I believe there is definitely a market to take, especially for Spinlet if they manage to position theirselves properly. I’m sure people working in the B2B sector require in some sense different kinds of tools that few companies have come up with. Then again, it’s not an easy road to walk down and there are bound to be many obstacles along the way.

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