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Social TV leaders never.no team up with broadcast graphics experts Vizrt to launch a new Social TV platform.

From live questions on a panel debate to fan comments at a sports game, more and more TV output incorporates social media content. never.no’s Interactivity suite offers its clients the ability to monitor, filter, approve, and harvest user-generated content from around the web – using Twitter hashtags for example.

The technology is being used in ever more innovative ways. Intel, Shazam, and ITV used the technology to include user-generated content into a Christmas-themed advertisement during last year’s UK X-Factor Final.

The new Social TV platform from Vizrt will allow never.no to sell a complete package to its clients.

Launched at the NAB 2013 Digital Media show in Las Vegas, the new platform provides powerful live graphics capability, including 3D graphics design, CG graphics, a template-based system and a real-time HD video and graphics compositing system. By plugging in never.no’s Interactivity Suite, clients can build playlists or carousels of select social content they want to display and push them to air. Conference attendees were treated to live demonstrations of the tool in action at both the never.no and Vizrt booths.

Vizrt has a vast global customer base and so it’s a logical step for never.no to increase their profile while offering a complete package to their existing clients. Social TV is growing fast and the Norwegians are keen to cash in.

Lars Lauritzsen, CEO of never.no said, “With Vizrt, the gold standard in broadcast visualizations, these insights spring to life and become the basis of innovative storytelling. The next big paradigm shift we believe is Social TV Advertising. The potential for commercialization cannot be overstated, and never.no plans to lead the way.”

More info: http://blog.never.no/2013/04/nab-2013-vizrt-and-never-no-demonstrate-integrated-social-tv-graphics-platform/

A former IT Project Manager, David Nikel now works as a technology writer in Norway. He helps Norwegian companies communicate in English and reports on the entrepreneurial scene for ArcticStartup.

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