Norwegian To Begin Flying Stockholm/Oslo-Oakland Routes This May

    For some time now, Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurs have been begging for better connections to San Francisco. After groggily checking Facebook this morning we’re happy to hear that Norwegian will begin flying direct from Stockholm (ARN) to Oakland (OAK) twice a week, starting May 3. The flight will run twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with an introductory fare of $236 one way. Olso is also getting in on the action, running Monday Wednesdays and Fridays starting May 29, 2014.

    This is apparently somewhat old news, this story was filed on Johnny Jet on September third, but after being suprised this morning we figure it can’t hurt to let more people know. For Finnish and the Baltic’s entrepreneurs, it still means one layover to get to ARN or OSL, but at least it doesn’t mean any connections in New York or Chicago breaking up the long leg.

    Norwegian has become a preferred airline for many Nordic entrepreneurs getting around the region thanks to having free WIFI up in the skies while still being one of the cheapest airlines you can take. A flight from Helsinki to Stockholm is just one hour, so you barely have time to crack open that laptop, but it’s the thought of being connected that counts.