Norway's Future Home close to hitting funding mark

    With 22 hours left in their funding drive on IndieGoGo, Norway’s Future Home is so close, yet so far away with raising their minimum $200,000 goal. With 22 hours left at time of publishing, they’ll need to raise just under $50,000 in this last minute push. This isn’t one of those soft funding goals, they need to hit that minimum otherwise the project doesn’t get funded.

    Future Home does what it says on the box. They’ve produced a smart home solution that allows you to control all aspects of your home like intelligent lighting, climate control, appliances, you window blinds, and other stuff. To get a demo of it yourself, click this link where you can see a live view of the Future Home office, and control everything from the lights, window shades, and coffee machine. By now it seems like the developers don’t even blink when the lights go out, or the window shades go up.

    Installation is done by installing their Smart Hub, which then talks to your Smart Plugs, occupancy sensors, temperature sensors, switches, and magnet contacts. This is then all controlled by the app downloaded to your phone or tablet, which allows you to control everything. There’s no monthly service charge or cost for the apps, but in the future they see themselves perhaps charging for storing data events over a long period of time or providing reports.

    “That’s why we started Future Home – to make a smart home system that “just works” for everyone. With Future Home we wish to empower people to get complete control of all the electronics in their home; all from a single application,” they write on their IndieGoGo page.

    Future Home from Future Home on Vimeo.