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Finnish company Norfello, the developer of the DocScanner app for the iPhone, will be releasing their software for the Mac platform as well. The app was supposed to be made available this month, but Apple has just informed Norfello that they want changes to the app – on the eve of the launch. The app is one of the first and perhaps most useful ports from an iPhone app to the Mac platform.

The DocScanner app is simple, but useful. Users can take advantage of its built in OCR (optical character recognition) technology to scan documents with their phone. The advantages are straight forward; there’s no need for a scanner, the device itself, and the application works faster than the regular scanner.

The Mac App Store version (which I got to demo) simply works. All you need to do is drag an image you took with a camera to the tray and it will do the recognition of the text. Once done, you’re able to save the results into a PDF file and even e-mail them to Evernote.

The app will be made available as soon as Norfello fixes whatever Apple is requiring it to fix. We can only hope they clarified this well as in some cases regarding the iPhone apps, Apple has simply denied access without explanation.

The DocScanner app is to be sold on the Mac App Store for the price of $14.99. The iPhone version currently sells for 3,99€. If you’d like to know when the app is available in the Mac App Store, you should sign up to Norfello’s mailing list (at the bottom of the page).

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