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Friday, June 9, 2023

Norfello launches Postita.fi service for sending snail mail over the web

Norfello, a software development and public web-based services company, has launched Postita.fi service (website currently in Finnish only, though the actual service offers English also), which allows the users to automate sending company letters.

After a simple registration one can start uploading PDF’s to the service. After transferring some money into the account with a credit card (instant) or bank transfer, uploaded letters can be confirmed to be sent. Postita.fi automatically prints and mails the letters in a standard envelope to the recipients, by the following day if the material is uploaded before 11am the day before. The total price for 1-page letter is quite affordable 1.02€ incl. VAT. I tested the service and it seems to work quick and smooth – seems like an easy way to get rid of printing and mailing letters, if you are fine with standard envelopes.

Norfello was founded in 2005, and according to the company’s web site they are privately held, have 13 employees, and are growing rapidly. The firm was recently part of the Finnish web 2.0 company group who made a field trip to San Francisco.

The company has previously introduced Laskulle.fi, which allows one to create PDF invoices by filling the simple form on the web site, free of charge and without registration in the basic version. It isn’t too hard to see the automatic mailing feature of Postita.fi being introduced to Laskulle.fi quite soon.

Norfello seems to sit somewhere middle in what comes to e-invoice services. E-invoices have gained a lot of attention lately, and there’s a lot of competition rising up in the SME segment. Verkkolaskut.fi is other Finnish-focused quite comprehensive service already (though the site brand is pretty poorly selected I’d say), among quite a big bunch of other small and bigger players. Might be Norfello tries a bit different approach to avoid the masses.

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