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Latvian fintech Nordigen goes in a partnership with Lithuanian loan matchmaking platform Lenders

Vilnius-based multinational loan matchmaking platform Lenders partners with Nordigen, the Riga-based fintech startup. Founded in 2013, Lenders is a loan comparison portal with more than 100,000 customers. The portal enables users to compare the offers of multiple credit institutions and borrow money at a lower interest rate. As for Nordigen, its big data and AI-powered platform helps loan businesses to categorize their customers’ banking transactions, view their risk profiles, and thus shorten their credit evaluation processes. Lenders will benefit from Nordigen’s open banking network to improve its users’ experiences with the portal.

Loan comparison platform Lenders partners with Nordigen for enhanced connectivity and security

Lenders has tapped into Nordigen’s open banking network to further streamline their industry leading loan comparison services.

Lenders is an international consumer loan comparison platform. Their expert analysis provides clients with fast, reliable and affordable loans to choose from. The platform streamlines the process from application to acquisition. Users are able to complete an application in just three short steps and receive financing within an hour. The firm provides a personal touch with consultations available seven days a week.

Nordigen, Lenders, Eitautas Bartuškevičius“Operating in multiple European markets, the simplicity of our process is what really makes us stand out. In just a few clicks the user is able to compare, contrast and choose the best financial solution that suits their needs. Since our inception we have helped save our users more than 10 million euros with a vast partner portfolio of 50 banks and credit providers.

We have partnered with Nordigen, to continue to optimise our process, using their open banking platform to build on our past excellence.” states Eitautas Bartuškevičius, CEO at Lenders.

The Nordigen integration gives Lenders more tools for automation, security and personalisation through their API platform. The connection enhances their identity verification process through direct bank links, ensuring the continued reliability and simplicity that allows Lenders to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Nordigen, Rolands Mesters“Lenders has made the process of loan acquisition fast, simple and straightforward. Our priority is to help them streamline their operation whilst ensuring a high level of security and affordability. We are delighted to be providing Lenders with seamless and secure access to banking data through our solution and helping to enable them to offer the best experience for their users.” says Rolands Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen.

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