Nordics, rise up! Be the one to represent your start-up on a European scale

    Apply now for the Green Alley Award – European business competition in Circular Economy

    Green Alley, supporter of green start-ups throughout Europe, is looking for Nordics keen to pitch their green ideas at the Green Alley Award 2017 in Germany in early November to win a prize package worth up to 30,000 euros. Until the 25th of July 2017, circular economy start-ups and eco-entrepreneurs are called upon to submit their business ideas which either deal with a product, service or technology to help eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle or transform waste:

    Another start-up competition, you might think, but there are several reasons to convince you of the Circular Economy and more importantly why applying for the Green Alley Award can bring advantages. Here are three of them:

    Circular Economy – more than a trend: a business that is profitable

    The old image of the do-gooder has gone. There is a new generation questioning the business as usual: sustainable start-ups are concentrating on people, planet and profit. The EU stated that a circular economy could bring companies annual savings of up to 23 % of their material costs, leading up to savings from 250 billion to 465 billion euros. Saving resources is not only a smart choice but a profitable one as well. So it’s up to you to find your niche, or to adapt a business model to enable a circular economy!

    Relying on a strong partner

    Being a sustainable, green start-up requires a lot of knowledge and support. Due to multiple regulations and laws in the EU, there is far more demanded from a start-up than just a good business idea. In order to succeed you need a good network, a business partner and supporter. That’s where Green Alley comes into play. Together with strong partners, e.g. Seedmatch, Bethnal Green Ventures, European Recycling Platform Finland as well as H2 Compliance and R2PI, a Horizon 2020 project, and more, Green Alley supports to develop business models in several coaching sessions at the Green Alley Award.

    Be a first mover

    Bringing a new idea onto the market can be risky, but keep in mind: it’s not always the smartest decision to play safe. While you are planning to launch a fully developed idea which may be a product, service or technology, others might already be working on a similar idea. Don’t risk being outrun! Do you have a business plan, a mock-up or even a protoype? Get on stage at the Green Alley Award 2017 and present your idea in front of an international audience and jury. By applying and handing in your pitch deck, you have the opportunity to be one of the lucky six start-ups that are invited to the finals. Follow in the footsteps of the finnish start-up RePack (winner 2015) or last year’s winner Green City Solutions that pitched about its moss installation reducing CO2. Take a glimpse at how pitches from last year’s finalists were: