Nordic Startups: A New Accelerator Program For Web And Mobile Startups In Sweden

Nordic Startups, a brand new accelerator program for Swedish web and mobile startups, will soon start its operations in Stockholm. According to the accelerator’s representatives, the program will be modeled after some of the world’s leading accelerators, such as TechStars, YCombinator and Seedcamp.

Nordic Startups plans to take in six new startups every three months. During each three-month period, the accelerator will provide startups with in-depth coaching, mentoring, office space, and a fun and enriching work environment. The program is largely based on lean startup methodology and includes an investor demo day as well.

The team behind Nordic Startups is currently searching for startups, investors, mentors and sponsors that are interested in participating in the program. You can register your interest on the accelerator’s website and also take part in a survey that aims to map out the current startup scene in Stockholm and Sweden. The results of the survey will be presented to all participants.

Phase one of Nordic Startups is sponsored by Seedcap AB.