Nordic Startup Conference a Spring conference in Copenhagen

    Even though the Arctic15 is only a few months away, we’re not the only Spring conference in the region. Also keep your on your radar the straightforwardly named Nordic Startup Conference, an event looking to bring together the region from Copenhagen.

    The event is running on the 28th of March, and as a bonus we’ve got a 50% off code for our readers, just plug in the code nscvip50.

    The conference will have two tracks, one focused on sharing knowledge to conference attendees can pick up. One of these panel topics will be on investment, for instance, and will have companies like AIRTAME and Everplaces up on stage. Loyal readers will know these two companies had completely different funding strategies, AIRTAME raised over $1 million in funding through Indiegogo, while Everplaces has picked up funding from more traditional sources.

    The other half of the conference is the Showcase part, where they hope to show how the Nordic countries are changing the world. Here they’ll have panel discussions from companies like iZettle, the chip card iPhone payment solution; Safello, the Swedish Bitcoin exchange; and Ruby Cup, the menstrual cup for poor women.

    In between the panel discussions they’ll have three keynotes, Carl Silbersky from Polar Rose (acquired by Apple), Morten Strunge CEO on Onfone, and Max Niederhofer from Sunstone Capital.

    This will be their first Startup Conference, but they’re dreaming big. The team has their eyes on expansion, throwing similar events around the world – meaning there could be a South African Startup Conference or someplace else coming up next. The goal here is to unite startup ecosystems through local-focused events, which is a worthy goal.

    More information about the event can be found on the Nordic Startup Conference website.