Nordic Startup Awards – Finnish Best & ArcticEvening on the 12th of May

    As we are getting close to Arctic15, we wanted to celebrate one more time. This time, ArcticEvening will not only feature an amazing speaker line-up, networking and free beer, but also the Nordic Startup Awards – Finnish Finale. So register right away, as we have a limited amount of seats in the house.

    The attendance is naturally free, and we want to celebrate what Finland has achieved this year. First, we will start of with some highly educational and useful talks from the best minds:

    Ari Hyppönen “Why Re-Use and Recycling Will Be The Biggest Industries in the World”

    An exciting talk that will make you question everything you know about the world and will make many of you reconsider your career choices. It certainly made us think about switching industries, when we heard it first.

    Vincent Février, InMobi, “Maximize Monetization Without Going Too Far”

    Everybody knows Google and Facebook. Fun fact – InMobi also reaches one billion people, but is a startup that grew from the founding team to over 800 people worldwide since 2007. Vincent will give a talk on how you can push monetisation, but keep your users happy.

    Drazen Dodik, Microsoft, “Meet BizSpark – What Microsoft Finland is Doing to Support Startups”

    Come and hear how the team at Microsoft Finland can support your business, whether you’re developing on Windows, Android, iOS or the web. Microsoft BizSpark is a program aimed at startups less than 5 years old and it gives you access to free Microsoft licenses, cloud computing and local support – no strings attached.

    To hear these great talks, register now. After the talks, we will jump straight into the Nordic Startup Awards! The nominees for which are:

    Startup Journalist of the year:

    – Hannu S. Vanhanen
    – Greg Anderson
    – Elina Lappalainen
    – Aleksi Kolehmainen

    Developer Hero of the Year:

    – Elias Pietilä (Wolt)
    – Rasmus Johansson (MariaDB)
    – Tero Koivu (Rightware)
    – Teemu Kurppa (Brightside, Flancer)
    – Jari Jaanto (IRC-Galleria, Ninchat)

    Best Accelerator Program:

    – NewCo Factory
    – Startup Sauna
    – YLE Nestholma Media Accelerator
    – Business Kitchen
    – Startup Journey by Boost Turku

    Best Office Space:

    – HUB13
    – Huone Events Hotel
    – AppCampus
    – Network Oasis
    – Startup Sauna

    Founder of the year:

    – Petri Järvilehto (Seriously)
    – Nelli Lähteenmäki (YOU app)
    – Juha Valvanne (Nosto)
    – Kristo Ovaska (
    – Noora Keskievari (OneMind Dogs)

    Best social entrepreneurial tech Startup:

    – Eliademy
    – Scool
    – Hello Ruby
    – Funzi

    Best Bootstrapped:

    – Foodfinder
    – TreeMenGames
    – LeadDesk
    – Local bitcoins
    – Ninchat

    Best professional Investor:

    – Inventure
    – Reaktor Polte
    – Butterfly Ventures
    – Lifeline Ventures
    – Koppicatch

    Best Newcomer:

    – YOU app
    – Wolt
    – Rival Games
    – The Button Corporation

    Startup of the year:

    – Nosto
    – Seriously
    – Rightware
    – TrademarkNow

    Register below and join us on the 12th: