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Nordic real estate giant set to build offices of the future

Digitalisation is shaking up Nordic real estate. One of the major listed real estate companies in Sweden Castellum is launching chain of initiatives aimed at digitalising the industry.

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Castellum owns 700 buildings in 20 cities from Copenhagen in the south to Sundsvall in the north, and serves over 250,000 people that go to work there every day. The company is going to turn their premises into offices of the future with range of digital services. The first project – shortly to be launched – will be about helping people who work in Castellum buildings to simplify the complex and exciting puzzle of their modern lives.

Development activities will being conducted in the Castellum Next20 innovation lab, a test arena for digital transformation and innovation. The first pilot project is due to be launched shortly. The Castellum Next20 lab – the main powerhouse in this major undertaking – has been reinforced with resources and expertise from the digitalization field.  The primary assignment is to design and build tomorrow’s offices around the people who will work there, and Castellum’s objective is to become an industry leader in digitalization by 2020.

“New technology entails new possibilities and concrete changes for our daily working lives – the real estate industry has to set the pace for development”, says Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO. “When tenant realities and requirements change quickly, demands upon us and our services start up a whole new ball game. As real estate owners, we need immediate understanding for how we can contribute to easier all-round workloads for tenant employees”.

Saxborn admits that the company benefits most from the vast array of possibilities offered by start-ups and small tech companies. One of the projects on their radar is Eminent – the first office building in the Nordics that will be certified under WELL, an international building standard that takes into account people’s health and well-being at the workplace.

Castellum is currently Sweden’s largest office-building developer. Today’s new-project portfolio amounts to SEK 4.5 billion.

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Valerie Vlasenko
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