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Nordic Game ProgramNordic Game Program has had its ceremony in Malmö Sweden where it gave out three million Danish Kronor worth of funding. The program was started by the joint decision between the Icelanding, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Ministries of Culture to promote Nordic games. The program was founded in 2006 and has plans to run until 2012. A total of 84 projects were submitted and only eight received funding.

Edge-Online has summarised the winners well.

Virtual Air Guitar Company Oy (Finland), DKK 500,000 for Kung-Fu Live
A game set in the mythical world of martial arts. The player’s movements are tracked by a camera, which replaces the gamepad as control mechanism and puts the player inside the game.

APEX Virtual Entertainment ApS (Denmark), DKK 500,000 for Riders & Ranches Online
A game mixing the passion for horses with strong gameplay and MMORPG features.

Gogogic ehf. (Iceland), DKK 400,000 for Rapture
Collectable Card Game – a classic-style collectable card game for the iPhone and Facebook. Prepare for a Magic the Gathering meets the iPhone experience.

Everyplay Oy (Finland), DKK 400,000 for Kamu Town
Lead the Kamus to build your dream town! Take care of the them, gather resources to create a thriving town with your friends, and use your creativity.

Uplause Ltd (Finland), DKK 400,000 for Uplause Crowd Game
Introducing a brand new game genre, the MMCPG (Massively Multiplayer Crowd Playing Game), this game is played by spectators in large arenas.

Cockroach Inc (Sweden), DKK 300,000 for The Dream Machine
A classical point and click adventure. A compelling world in claymation style and a dark story for “grown ups” makes this a unique game experience.

GuppyWorks (Denmark), DKK 200,000 for GuppyLife
A free-to-play 3D virtual world appealing to tween girls, where they meet with friends and care for a virtual character, the Guppy.

Unified Game ApS (Denmark), DKK 200,000 for Pinball DJ
A casual music game and composition toy for handheld & mobile platforms, based on a new music-interaction concept that will appeal to kids without any necessary prior musical skills.

For currency conversion purposes, 400 000 DKK is approximately 53 700 euros.

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