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Nordic Game Program has last week granted 3 million Danish Kronor (about 400 000 euros) to seven gaming companies. 136 applications were received and the jury awarded seven companies with the no strings attached grants. The companies also represented the Nordics in a good way, they came from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Below are the gaming companies that received funding:

Erik Svedäng (Sweden), DKK 600,000 for Heart.break – A philosophical adventure for PC/Mac set in a place where bits have replaced atoms. Get access to the actual, working programs that control the behaviour of objects, characters and puzzles in the game. Learn how to change the code to control reality and advance through the world.

Locatify (Iceland), DKK 500,000 for Treasure Hunt – Locatify will build a new platform for the next generation SmartPhone game. Online, multiplayer, competitive treasure-hunt-games with maps, clues, challenges, virtual army, pictures and GPS. An easy to use web-platform for designing, testing and publishing a game.

Snow Castle AS (Norway), DKK 500,000 for Winds of Edéa: The Escape – the first episode of a multi platform video game for children aged 8-12 based on a vast original game universe of characters and places where visuals and sound envelop the player in a easily learned yet original and challenging game play.

Traplight Ltd. (Finland), DKK 450,000 for The Great Escape– a physics based rollercoaster game with puzzle elements, intuitive controls, cute graphics and funny sounds. Angry Birds meets Rollercoaster Rush. Community features are emphasized with an integrated level editor for players to create and share new challenges for the world to compete in.

Image&Form International AB (Sweden), DKK 400,000 for Anthill – a strategy game for iOS. As King of the Anthill, you control your ant minions through a series of sunny outdoor environments. Draw pheromone trails to direct your ants, collecting resources and expanding your base until you are able to defeat the boss of each level.

Copenhagen Game Productions ApS (Denmark), DKK 300,000 for Slow Moe’s Showdown – a Wild West gunslinging game designed for Microsoft’s Kinect. The unique feature is that players are required to move in slow-motion when they duel, heightening the drama of the typical split-second frontier gunfight.

Sarepta Studio AS (Norway), DKK 250,000 for Shadow Puppeteer – a co-op puzzle adventure game for the Xbox. One player acts in a full 3D environment while the other acts as his shadow. The players must work together to solve the puzzles while each staying in their 2D and 3D world respectively.

The Nordic Game Program was launched in 2006 and is planned to end in 2011. The program was set up to improve and help the development of games in the Nordic area. The annual grants are a key part of their work. The application deadline for the next support round will end at midnight on April 1st, 2011.

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