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Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post to alert you to the crowdfunding options in the region. Research before investing – early stage companies are high risk.

We are back with our crowdfunding overview of the Nordics, bringing you the most interesting cases from FundedByMe and Invesdor. If you are still not on the wave of equity crowdfunding, then here is your chance to get acquainted with the possibilities in the region.

While many are waiting for the equity crowdfunding enabling JOBS act to pass in the USA, everything is already up and running in the nordics. Besides, we have recently heard from reliable sources that the JOBS act is not as certain to pass as many would think. Which would put the Nordic equity crowdfunding initiative in the spotlight, especially considering that it has already raised nearly €2.5 million in a very short lifespan.

To find out more about what crowdfunding is all about, we recommend you attend the crowdfunding evening that will be run by Invesdor on the 18th of April in the Startup Sauna space.

The talk will tell you everything you need to know about crowdfunding and will shed some additional information and practical lessons from a successful case of Climbstation. The industry as a whole will also be analyzed, including recent developments and views of the future.

The event starts at 18:00 and there will be plenty of drinks, snacks and networking at the event. You can check out the details and sign-up here. Hurry, because the event is already almost full.

If you are ready to invest and check out some companies, here are a few for you to take a look at from Invesdor:

Tackeling a huge problem is BubbleMotion, who have practical plans to bring automated personal transport to the world. Their pods on a rail track helps tackle the problem of the suburbs and other areas, where you almost need a car, but where busses are slow and rare to come by. They’re hovering at 5% secured, but if they reach their €200,000 goal we’re going to see some practical “the future is now” type of technology making its way to the real world. Read more on their Invesdor page.

Do you ever wish the video, game, or music app you’re using could get off the small screen and pop up instantly on your TV? That’s what Ape TV is solving through a device that connects over bluetooth. Unlike Apple TV, this solution is available to almost any mobile, and doesn’t include the limitations of Apple’s closed ecosystem.

Ape TV is currently 33% of the way to their 300,000 round, with 17 more days to invest.

Here’s a project anyone can support: Good beer paired with good food is desperately needed in Helsinki, so Bryggeri is raising funding. They’re currently at 43% with 42 days remaining, so they already hit their €597,000 goal.

Next up is FundedByMe. with some exciting news and investment opportunities. They have recently broken all Nordic equity crowdfunding records with SMSgrupp. The company has raised over €1.4 million with still over 6 days to go.

The idea is extremely simple and useful. SMS, initially is a two-way communication but this is very limiting if you want to talk to groups of people. Think of your work team your hobby hocket team or a group of your friends. With SMSgrupp solution, you send an SMS to a special number and then it gets forwarded to the whole group. If somebody replies, it is again forwarded to everyone. 

So in essence, this is an SMS group chat that requires no installations, no smart phones and no internet.

It works absolutely everywhere. The company is growing fast and has handled over 150 million messages already. Although the product can work everywhere, it is particularly attractive in emerging markets. There is still 6 days to go and you can find out more information about the company here.

If you are looking for something a little more nerdy, then it doesn’t get more nerdy than Nerdy by Nerds. Hope that was not too many nerd related words for once sentence, but then again nerds should like that.

You probably expect something truly nerdy? Right? Well, you are going to be surprised because these nerds are going to make jeans. The best kind of jeans too. They took a very scientific approach by dissecting the best jeans out there in order to come up with the best jeans for nerds, by nerds.

To spice it all up, they are going to make your jeans right in front of you. Their shops/factories will have a see-through window in the middle so you will be watching your jeans being made while enjoying a cup of coffee or playing World Of Warcraft.

The jeans will cost about 180 – 240 EUR but you will be able to get the Fundedbyme special edition for just 53 EUR.

The company is in a pre-funding stage and are looking for an investment of €120 000. For more information, check out their overview page here.

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