Nordic Startup Companies Anyone Can Invest In

    Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post to alert you to the crowdfunding options in the region. Research before investing – early stage companies are high risk.

    Ever want to invest in startups? We’ve got another awesome roundup of projects coming out of the Nordics that you can invest in. In addition to companies on Invesdor crowdfunding platform, we now are also bringing you startups companies from FundedByMe.

    And remember, these projects are ‘equity crowdfunded’ companies looking for investment, which we’re lucky to offer. Compared to Kickstarter, which gives you things like t-shirts or pre-orders in return for donations, with these equity crowdfunding platforms you’re actually investing in these companies and receive shares in the company in return. In the U.S. people are getting excited about the JOBS act making equity crowdfunding legal for U.S. companies, but the Nordic countries are ahead of the game.

    So check out these companies or maybe even upload your own project to these platforms!

    First up we’ve got FundedByMe, a Stockholm-based crowdfunding platform that opened a branch in Finland not too long ago. Very recently they celebrated the success of Virtuous Vodka, an organic flavored vodka brand that was successfully equity crowdfunded through their platform. FundedByMe offers both equity and reward-based crowdfunding through their platform, but we will focus on their Equity options.

    Last November, a team of Swedes were discussing what they wanted to do next. They wanted to do something good, but also be good for business and come up with OnTheFlea, the Fleamarket app where you sell the stuff you don’t need, or you can have fun shopping around for things you want. They say on their funding page that they have all the technology in place, and the app is developed, but they are looking for funding to crank up their growth.

    So far they’ve gotten good investment momentum by raising SEK 358,800 (€43,000) out of SEK 960,000 (€115,000). Find out more details here.

    Copygram is another tech startup to keep your eye on. Copygram’s website is already generating a ton of traffic for their Instagram web-viewing features (4 million pageviews a month), and are converting their visitors to buy high-quality prints of Instagram photos. They’ve got a 100 million user market to go after, so they need funds to be global, fast.

    Copygram hasn’t started their round yet, but they’re looking to raise a maximum of SEK 1,998,000 (€240,000) for 9.99% of the shares. Check out their pitch and learn more about their business model on their FundedByMe page.

    I got a chance to see this product at FundedByMe’s Helsinki launch event, and it made me really want one for my kitchen. IndoorGarden is an easy and nicely designed hydroponic setup for growing herbs in your home, giving you fresh flavors throughout the year. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of gardening or hydroponics to be a successful gardener, and the product needs less than 15 minutes of care a month.

    They’re looking to raise a maximum of €175,000.00 for 17.50% of the shares once their round starts. But check out their page– they’ve got a lot of interesting information there.

    The Invesdor crowdfunding platform has been picking up stream. Last month Invesdor helped raise more than €100,000, and Climbstation was successfully funded. Last month they also doubled the amount of incoming applications coming into their platform.

    If you live in Helsinki and love good beer and food, you should defintely check this one out. Bryggeri is a brewery and restaurant opening up in Helsinki by the market square, and is bringing with them their years of brewing experience. I can tell you this type of restaurant has been a hit in the U.S., so I’m excited about local beer and good food.

    So far they’ve raised more than €57000 in a week since launch, and have met their minimum already. But there’s still a chance to invest, their maximum amount they’re willing to raise is €1,498,000.

    One of the most interesting companies on this list is Bubble Motion, a Personal Rapid Transport system built on modular tracks. They see themselves extending public transportation while still being nearly as flexible as a private car. On an ecological and convenience level it makes a lot of sense for cities, and while it seems super futuristic, I believe it could be quite attainable.

    It would be really cool to see one of these built in a city, so check out their Invesdor page. So far they’ve raised €20,082 and are looking for a minimum of €200,000.

    Another interesting one is Cibo, a cloud restaurant and hospitality management platform. They’re based in Malmö, and offer restaurant managers the ability to track sales, table reservations, online ordering, and manage their stocks, and a ton more features. Cibo is also available as an iOS and Android app, letting manager be in control wherever they are. They’ve been working on the project for over a year now, and their business has grown at a rate of 67% month per month since August 2012. Also, their platform is not limited to the Food and beverage industry, giving them a high upward potential.

    Find out how much they’re looking to raise by visiting their Invesdor page.

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