Nordic Computer Culture Magazine Wants To Go International

    Nordic computer culture magazine Skrolli has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the publication of its first international issue. The Finnish community-driven magazine has been existing already for three years – and the Editor-in-Chief Ville-Matias “viznut” Heikkilä describes that the publication has a completely unique concept.

    “We already have a fairly strong position among the Finnish hobbyist scene, but we are naturally looking to expand our target audience. One of our key strengths is that we write about a wide range of topics. Internationally, there are a few publications that focus on specific areas of computer culture, but none of them offers such an extensive range of expertise and different topics as Skrolli,” says Heikkilä.

    Skrolli is looking for €15 000 funding through Indiegogo – and if the goal is met the first International Edition will be published in April 2016. The making and printing of first international version of Skrolli will be done Finland.

    “If the campaign is well received, we may start publishing two versions side-by-side: one in Finnish and another in English”, adds Heikkilä.