Christmas Gift Ideas From The Nordic Innovators

    Nordic Startup Gifts gathers together 21 unique Christmas present ideas.

    The 21 hottest startup christmas gifts from the cold Nordics, states Nordic Startup Gifts – a site that collects together different gift ideas from the region’s startup companies. The site gives great ideas and inspiration, if one is searching for stylish gifts that fit to the receivers lifestyle.

    Shortcut Labs, the startup behind the Flic-button, managed the first collaborative effort among startups from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The goal of the collaboration is to stand strong against the increasing competition from larger corporations during certain times of the year – such as the Christmas rush.

    “We were inspired by the concept of crowdfunding, where you can see the strength of a community when many collaborate to finance ideas. The idea is to use this mindset to help smaller startups gaining exposure by uniting and reaching network effects through spreading the word of Nordic Startup Gifts,” says Pranav Kosuri, the CCO and co-founder of Shortcut Labs.

    The collaboration introduces young companies from the Nordics with B2C products suitable as Christmas presents in lifestyle and tech.

    “In short, many ‘Davids’ should have the ability to stand strong against ‘Goliaths’,” adds Kosuri about their shared vision.