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We were talking today at the office about all the different applications we use on a day to day basis only soon to realise the most of the applications I use on a daily basis are from the Nordics and Baltics. In this post I’ve done a short analysis on each of the applications and services I use, but they really make up the most important applications outside of my e-mail client (Sparrow) and browser (Safari). One could assume that since I’m working on a Mac there wouldn’t so much options out there, which of course couldn’t be more wrong. I find the most beautiful apps to be on Mac and to my surprise many of them are made here in Northern Europe.

My work involves writing content, recording audio, e-mailing and sales work – just to name a few different tasks. I also invite you to add your own applications in the comments below – would be great to see how people in different functions use different applications. Oh, and if you’re wondering why these products get to be on the list? They create amazing products. I’ve paid for all the programs below, meaning I haven’t received any free licenses for any of them.


Pipedrive is a great service to help you manage your sales. The service costs me a mere €9 a month (single user) and it keeps all my leads as well as sales ideas in place. At the core of the product is the sales pipeline with different steps where deals can reside as you move them forward towards closing. I’ve also got a todo-item that I keep moving each day, to remind me to check Pipedrive and do new business: “Always Be Closing + Acquire NB” (NB= new business).

Pipedrive is from Estonia and I strongly urge to take a look at it if you work with sales.


The Cobook App is a great address book app from Latvia. We covered them for the first time earlier this year in February when the app reached some 20 000 downloads in the first week. The service is still in beta meaning their in heavy development mode, but to be honest I haven’t had any problems with it. One thing I’ve publicly thanked them for is their super slick update process; the app notifies you of a new version, you hit “update” and it does its magic in the background. Perfect!

Download the Cobook App for free (for now).


While we’re not heavy image editors we include a photo or an image with all our posts. This means we need to do some light editing here and there. Pixelmator is our editor of choice here at ArcticStartup. They’re somewhat of a new acquaintance, but Pixelmator is super light compared to some other apps I have used in the past. Furthermore, they get the job done in a quick, inexpensive way. The app goes for €23,99 in the Apple App Store in Finland.

Do yourself a favor and give it a try if you haven’t already.


Being able to focus in our co-working office sometimes requires headphones and the right tunes flowing from them. Even though Spotify isn’t a startup anymore, it is a clear choice for music. I’ve been a registered user forever, but in the last months I took a break as I’ve been heavily listening to podcasts (to also help in building our Unfair Advantage). Today I decided to get back to listening music and after the second advertisement, I noticed clicking the “Upgrade” button to pay for the €4,99 membership. It really is worth it.

Download Spotify and have a go.


Last, but definitely not least we get productive in Minecraft with Greg every now and then. We have a shared world we’re building on Minefold. The game itself cost just below €20 and for the time spent and fun you can have with that money – it probably has the best fun vs money spent -ratio. It’s not the most straight forward game to get on top, but once you do you will notice taking later and later buses home from work.

Download Minecraft here and do get the commercial version as well – it’s well worth it.

What about you?

Now’s your turn – what are some of the applications and/or services that you use in your daily work to keep your business up and running?

Image by nydano

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