Nordic APIs go on tour to Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Oslo

    Hey technical folks: check this out. This April the first, second and third, Nordic APIs is going on tour to Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Oslo with half-day events. The goal of the event is to discuss both Private and Public APIs, best practices, and other deep knowledge into how you should pass data around.

    Last fall I attended a NordicAPIs event in Stockholm, and even though I was pretty clueless to the finer points of REST and SOAP, I still met good contacts, found the speakers interesting, and the event well managed. For you folks debating your API strategy, you should get even more from it. For the buzz from that last event, check out our post here.

    The topic should be interesting to our startup audience, as well as corporates debating their API strategy. More and more startups are starting to “eat their own dogfood” (a buzzphrase you should hear at the event) where they build their startup off their own API. A big goal of these NordicAPI events is to overcome the misconception that APIs are always public and open; instead Private APIs used for internal purposes with closed ecosystems or with a known set of private partners provide many of the same benefits as throwing all your data wide open.

    “This theme and this misunderstanding came up many times last year at the events, so we have decided to concentrate on it during this year’s tour. From the presentations that will be given in Copenhagen, Helsinki or Oslo, attendees will see that APIs are a perfect solution for not only open systems but also closed and semi-open ones,” says Travis Spencer, CEO of Twobo Technologies and one of the organizers of Nordic APIs.

    The event is going on 12-17:00 in each city (starting with an included lunch).

    Their Early Bird discount will save you 33% off the price if you grab it before February 21st! Find out more on the NordicAPIs website, here.