Nordic And Baltic Funding Rounds In November 2015

From 14 funding rounds closed this month in the region – 13 are from the Nordics and one is from the Baltic states.

Our funding statistics are provided by Funderbeam that discovers, tracks, and analyzes on startups.

In our newsletter, we’re sharing with you weekly stats of funding rounds in the Nordic and Baltic region. To wrap up the weekly statistics for this month, here’s listed funding rounds by each country.

There’s again quite a few rounds with undisclosed information about the total amount and investors – What do you think about that?


OssDsign $ 10,432,413.00

Oss-Q is a medical-technology company developing implants for bone replacement.

Investors: Fourier transform, Karolinska Development and SEB Venture Capital

Sportlala $ 700,000.00 (Seed Round)

Sportlala is an online shopping club for sporting goods.

Investors: Aggregate Media Funds and Chalmers Ventures


Oppex $ 2,300,000.00 (Series A)

Oppex is a search engine for public sector bidding contests. The company helps its customers to sell their products across borders and language barriers.

Investors: Open Ocean Capital and Initial Capital

Iceye $ 2,800,000.00 (Series A)

Iceye provides near-real-time imagery with small satellites.

Investors: Lifeline Ventures,True Ventures and

Wellmo $ 1,069,133.00 (Seed Round)

Wellmo enables healthcare providers and insurance companies to run effective, engaging and scalable health programmes.

Investors: Undisclosed

Flashnode $ 639,662.00 (Seed Round)

Flashnode provides services and automated data integration for companies.

Investor: Spintop Ventures

Noccela $ 605,049.00

Noccela is specialised in Electronic Article Surveillance and retail security.

Investors: Undisclosed

Invesdor (Undisclosed, Angel Round)

Invesdor is the first fully licenced equity and debt crowdfunding platform operating across the EEA.

Investor: Manny Fernandez


Pre Diagnostics $ 1,603,700.00

Pre Diagnostics is an innovative Norwegian diagnostic company.

Investors: Undisclosed

Phonero (Undisclosed)

Phonero AS is a provider of telecommunication services.

Investor: Norvestor Equity


Cortrium $ 1,612,534.00 (Seed Round)

Cortrium is developing advanced wearable healthcare technology.

Investor: Undisclosed Strategic Corporate Investor

Heaps (Undisclosed, Seed Round)

Heaps lets groups of friends Find, Match, Party with other groups of friends.

Investors: Paul Campbell, Logan Paul, Ron Burkle and Steve Aoki


Solfar Studios $ 2,100,000.00 (Seed Round)

Solfar Studios is a virtual reality studio behind Godling.

Investors: Shanda Group and NSA Ventures


Lingvist $ 8,000,000.00 (Series A)

Lingvist is an online tool that helps to learn languages faster and more effectively with mathematical modelling and statistical analysis.

Investors: Jaan Tallinn, InVenture, Rakuten, SmartCap AS and Geoff Prentice.

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