Nonstop Games Rases €2.2 Million, Will Release Strategy Game For Touch Devices This Spring

    The sun isn’t the only thing that’s hot in Singapore. A team of Finns at Nonstop Games has raised a €2.2 million round led by Creandum and Lifeline Ventures. With the funding they’re continuing their development, and are opening up an office in San Francisco. On top of that, Heroes of Honor, their next game, will launch later this Spring.

    Not too many details are shared about the game before it’s released, but the game is based in a fantasy world with three different factions fighting for power. Alliances are a big portion of the game – players have to band together and perform real-time coordinated attacks between thousand-of-player armies.

    CEO and Co-Founder Juha Paananen tells us that it’s slower paced than a desktop Real Time Strategy game, but you can still see and cooperate with other players in real time.

    “We played a lot of strategy and RTS games growing up, like Command and Conquer and all those other kinds of games,” says Paananen. “When we started we were really excited if you can add something to the genre, because I think it’s something that really hasn’t evolved on tablets and mobile devices.”

    Nonstop games has been creating casual HTML5 games, such as Dollar Isle, a city builder and Paint Stars, sort of a Draw Something clone. In their next release they’re still using HTML5 as part of their platform, but Paananen tells us that their first focus is the App Store and Google Play stores. When they release the game, they plan to do so simultaneously on both platforms, which should be interesting to watch.

    “We’ve been extremely excited about Nonstop Games since our initial investment in 2011 and we think they are building something revolutionary with their new game,” says Petteri Koponen, Lifeline Ventures.