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Nokia has released some very interesting Ovi Store statistics in Forum Nokia. It basically tells us that while Nokia may be lagging a in the smart phone business, it’s creating a very strong presence globally through its apps. The macro numbers are impressive; they support over 135 devices, they’re available in 190 countries in 30 languages. Also, the Ovi Store has content from 90 different countries. What makes the Ovi Store more interesting than the App Store, is the fact that you can bill your end customers in a variety of ways – mobile billing works with 99 operators in 29 countries and credit card billing works in more than 170 countries.

Payment mechanics are important. According to Nokia, where mobile billing options are available, 2/3 of the consumers choose this payment option. Just sometime ago, we reported on Rovio going with the ad supported monetisation of Angry Birds on the Android platform due to bad billing possibilities. Although it was a test for them, I doubt they would have gone down that road if Android would have better possibilities to charge for content. Below is a map showing the different payment options for Ovi Store content.

Talking about content, there are 2.7 million apps downloaded per day with 2.6 apps downloaded per visit. Another interesting fact is that about 90% of the daily traffic converts to downloads. It also seems that many Ovi Store users are active in their habits – 85% of signed in visitors to Ovi Store are repeat visitors while each active user is averaging 8.5 downloads a month.

More information on the topic can be found at the Forum Nokia site.