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While there have been doubts whether Nokia seems to be able to get their act together in 2010 with their business, I am confident that at least one part of their company they’re kicking butt with their products. The N900, running a totally different operating system compared to other Symbian based phones, has been the subject of good talk in the press recently. Most recently, a Finnish developer, Toni Nikkanen, managed to dualboot Apple’s OSX 10.3 on the phone, albeit taking close to 2 hours to the “About My Mac” screen. Nikkanen used PearPC emulator to boot the Mac OSX.

Only last week, it was reported that someone had managed to dualboot Android on the phone as well. While being two very simple tricks on a device that essentially was designed to be a mobile phone, these are small proofs of evidence that Nokia has more than meets the eye.

I personally believe that Nokia has lots to gain from taking advantage of the open source community in a totally different manner to Apple. While Google is perhaps still further with Android and their open source movement, Nokia has a lot of potential in its hands if it truly decides to go down this track with all its might and will.

Below is the video of the N900 starting up the OSX.

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