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dopplr logoThere are rumours circulating the web that Nokia is to acquire Dopplr. Rumours started when TechCrunch posted a post on this. Nokia apparently moved in for the scoop when Dopplr was looking for a round of financing. The supposed price Nokia paid is between 10 and 15 million euros.

Despite having its headquarters in London, the company is very much based in Finland. Inoa, one of the free registries to Finnish companies, state that the board members are Marko Ahtisaari, Matt Biddulph, Tyler Brule, Saul Klein and the board is directed by Lisa Sounio.

Our contacts in Nokia were unable to confirm this deal as was Ahtisaari. This could very much be true, given the fact Nokia has been shopping around for small startups in the recent months. However, the obvious question besides congratulating the Dopplr team is that what on earth does Nokia have in mind for Dopplr? Someone jokingly stated that maybe they’ll go after the lucrative iPhone app market.

My arguement is that Nokia is interested in the community Dopplr has acquired over the years. It’s primarily a group of business travellers who are tech savy. This in terms of business value for marketing is worth a lot more than 10 million euros if they are able to retain it and motivate them properly.

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