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Talouselämä has an article about Pia Erkinheimo, a newly appointed manager in Nokia, who is to put crowdsourcing matters into the core of Nokia. While this is simply an appointment to a new post, I think this is a larger step inside Nokia that will be the turn of events for things to come. Erkinheimo has been working with Nokia for the past three years planning a dialogue strategy for the company, among other things. In her new post, she’s making sure consumers and developers are better listened to, for example in the development of new products.

While Nokia has been working with different crowdsourcing concepts in the past, such as the Nokia Beta Labs and some developer competitions, naming a manager to focus on crowdsourcing shows the dedication Nokia is after. Erkinheimo does not think crowdsourcing is the answer to every question, but she wants to make sure it is used where it is appropriate.

Crowdsourcing has of course been used in companies elsewhere as well, so this is nothing new in that sense. However, making crowdsourcing this valued and part of the key development of the company – is definitely something new at Nokia. It’s a great way to put the company better in sync with the markets and use that to create better services and products.

I find this extremely interesting and an anticipated appointment. Nokia still has the largest market share of any phone manufacturer out there and I’d be willing to say they have the best knowledge of the globe when it comes to consumer behavior. Making crowdsourcing a core part of their business is a great way to put this knowledge into use.

Erkinheimo states that, “crowdsourcing is here to stay (for Nokia). We’re among the first to do this in Finland at this scale so we’re bound to see some challenges and successes on this front”.

Photo by khedara

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