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Nokia - Connecting PeopleNokia has sent out some of its new flagship phones, the N900s, to some of the tech and gadget bloggers around the world. Tracy and Matt’s blog received one and have posted a great video on unboxing the phone and taking it into use as well as running through the basic functionalities of the phone. What makes this unboxing a bit more interesting is the fact that, to open the package – you have to plug in a USB cable and “hack” it.

Nokia is clearly taking a different path with its N900 device than with phones previously. It’s great to see the company slowly evolving and keeping ahead of the game in marketing to the opinion leaders. I have to say, looking at the video – it makes me want one real bad. The Maemo OS on the system is definitely something different from the Symbian counterparts and should be an interesting test bed for the new devices to come. Have a look at the video below to see the unboxing of the package.

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