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Nokia has today announced its “third and fourth” steps in its realigning of its organisation to meet the new strategic goals of the company. Basically this means that Nokia will look to lower its headcount by about 7000 in total, while 3000 of these will move to work with Accenture. Accenture will be made responsible of Nokia’s Symbian development.

In the Nokia Conversations blog, the company expects the majority of the restructuring to be done by the end of 2012. This is the third step of the new strategy, according to Stephen Elop.

The fourth step is an important, and an interesting one. It is basically a social responsibility program where Nokia works in co-operation with its employees and other stake holders to find new re-employment opportunities for its workforce. One of the four paths outlined, is entrepreneurship and Nokia is working with individuals to find opportunities for the workforce to self employ themselves if this is something they seek. It should be noted that we’re not expecting a huge number of startups to come out from this. However, quite a few did get founded with the previous round of layoffs at Nokia.

The moving of Symbian development and maintenance to Accenture is also an interesting move for the company. Nokia Ääni blog in Finnish has stated that Accenture will essentially become a strategic partner with Nokia in developing and selling Symbian phones. From Nokia’s point of view, this is a relatively clear signal of things to come for the future.

With this move, Nokia is focusing on the development of the hardware as well as the commercialisation of Windows Phones for the future. While Symbian may not be handled by Nokia anymore, it’s clear that it is still the lifeline of the company and it depends on the success of Symbian very heavily.

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