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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Swedish VC firm launches its first fund to invest in early-stage Nordic tech companies

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Stockholm-born venture capital firm Node Ventures, a team of experienced founders and operators, has announced the launch of its first fund. The firm aims to invest in early-stage Nordic tech companies with initial ticket sizes ranging from €44K to €222K (500 KSEK to 2.5 MSEK). Although the approach is sector-agnostic, Node Ventures is actively monitoring digital entertainment, deeptech, future of work, and platform technology.

With more than two-thirds of its goal of €71 M (800 MSEK) already raised, Node Ventures’ first fund is set to make exceptional investments in the current market conditions. The firm is confident that it can identify and support the most promising founders in building their companies and realizing their bold visions.

Node Ventures is proud to have a number of highly networked entrepreneurs and business operators on board as investors, including cornerstone investor Saminvest. The firm’s team of operators and investors understands the struggles and challenges that come with building a successful tech company and is dedicated to partnering with early-stage founders who are on a mission to disrupt the industry and build the next generation of groundbreaking tech companies.

The company is optimistic about the market conditions, which they believe provide an excellent opportunity for their first fund to make outstanding investments. They are confident that they can identify and support the most promising founders in creating their companies and achieving their ambitious goals. As a result, they are always eager to connect with new visionary founders and welcome anyone with a potential company for investment to contact them.

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Nurcin Metingil
Nurcin Metingil
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