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Ever had that problem where someone calls you and you don’t know who it is? Check. Ever had that problem when someone calls you from overseas and you don’t know who it is? Check. If so, you should definitely give TrueCaller a try. It’s a nifty little app created by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam, two Swedes who also are the founders of TrueCaller, a Swedish startup.

The idea for TrueCaller came more or less to Mamedi and Zarringhalam through the above mentioned thinking. They knew there were some international players in the market that offered a service like this, however they nevertheless decided to go on with their idea.

After their first release, they received a ton of requests from users to develop the service for other platforms such as Symbian and Android. Currently, their app is available for Android, Windows, iPhone and Symbian phones.

They were able to iterate and provide valuable features to their apps due to the fact that both of the founders themselves were active in Facebook and Twitter. This gave them close relationships to the user base.

One very cool feature I’m looking forwards to on the iPhone is the Social Caller ID. This basically pulls information from social networks based on who’s calling and showing their latest status updates for example. All these are part of TrueCaller 2.0, which was released in October. According to Mamedi, this is perhaps their biggest release so far.

I talked to Mamedi about their financing. They were able to live off savings for some time before they were able to show traction to investors. This was when they contacted a few investors to give them support for their expansion plans.

The best way to get download and learn more about the app itself is to browse to m.truecaller.com on your phone.

Update: The app is not available in the Finnish AppStore, but it should available elsewhere and also on other platforms.