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Niklas Zennström Invests In Fashiolista, He Is No Alien To Fashion

Atomico venturesToo much of call or video oriented ventures associated to Niklas Zennström. You can watch our recent video interviews with him here and here. The Skype co-founder recently revealed his passion for fashion as his investment firm, Atomico Ventures made a $500,000 seed investment in Fashiolista.

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Fashiolista provides fashion lovers a destination to discover fashion items that are posted on the site by other users. Users can Love (aka the Facebook Like for Fashiolista) fashion items on the site and recommend the same for others. The idea here is to provide a destination where fashion lovers can come together and be inspired and learn about the latest fashion trends.

There is definitely quite a potential which has caught eye of Niklas who has taken a spin into the fashion path. I might be wrong here, but I guess the most important reason could very well be how Fashiolista tries to stay on every site with its toolbar, giving fashion lovers a chance to love any item on any shopping site they visit online. This in turn feeds their Fashiolista profile, hence centralizing their activity on to the portal without actually needing them to do the same manually.

Fashiolista has an impressive and varied userbase. With users from over 100 countries and the primary user group being females in the 15-25 year age bracket, it is evident that the site is popular among the youngsters. It is most popular in Brazil and the Netherlands.

Niklas will definitely be looking forward to leverage the user base and improve its business model which is currently based on advertising and affiliate programs. Not surprising given that the portal was privately funded so far. It will be interesting how this investment turns out for Fashiolista and if the Skype Co-founder is able to influence it to become another big success story.

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