Nextpaq's truly modular smartphone case coming to Arctic15

    We tend to think of smartphone cases as pure aesthetic devices – sure you’ve got your rhinestone case, or your bunny ears, or your classy laser etched wood cases, but you might as well add more functionality than protecting your phone from drops. Paving our way to that future is Nexpaq from Los Angeles, which will be showing off their product at the Arctic15 next week on the 26th and 27th of May, although those of you curious about the product can already preorder one on Kickstarter today.

    Digging into Nexpaq you’ll find a truly modular smartphone case allowing you to easily enhance, customize and add features to your smartphone between twelve different modules including a everything between a super LED flashlight, to more memory, to an amplified speaker to a breathalyzer. As a silly metaphor I’ve written that the gaming companies in the Nordics should be doing more innovation to “make our phones shoot lasers” so we have to hand it to Nexpaq for literally letting us do that.

    Prices for the modules go from $3 to $29 on their Kickstarter and, you can fill up to 6 slots at a time on your Nexpaq case. And as nowadays most of the people problem is “does anyone have a charger?”, the case displays also a built-in battery power that will give you extra battery time.

    For the moment Nexpaq is only available for larger phone models like the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Samsung galaxy S5, but more phone are on the upcoming list.

    The product is actually on a kickstarter campaign , and today has raised 4 times the desired amount with almost $200,000 of the 50,000 needed.

    The official launch in the Nordics will be an exclusive at Arctic15. So, if you don’t have your ticket yet to the event, grab one here and come with your smartphone to improve it however you want.