Next Games and AMC team up for mobile The Walking Dead game

    Part of the next generation of Finnish gaming is Next Games – founded by design veterans from Rovio, Supercell, and Disney. The company hasn’t shared much about anything since banding together in 2013, but now Next Games has announced it will be creating a mobile game based on AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show.

    “We want to find that sweet spot where gameplay and narrative inform and reinforce one another,” said Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO at Next Games. “Like AMC’s The Walking Dead itself, we’re not giving away too many details right out the gate, but I can confidently state it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from The Walking Dead franchise on home or mobile gaming hardware before.”

    The AMC is teaming up with Next Games on the marketing front, which is handy considering the gaming studio doesn’t have the marketing arm they’re used to from Supercell, Rovio, and Disney.

    Currently the game is in the early stages. Speaking with NextGames spokesperson Saara Bergström, she was unwilling to share anything about the gameplay dynamic, aside from the fact that the game will be free to play, and that they’re trying to put in place the same moment-to-moment tension that the TV show has.

    Astute readers will point out that there are other the Walking Dead games out there, but this would be the first one built on the AMC drama, and not The Walking Dead graphic novel.

    The game is scheduled to be launched around the upcoming Season five of The Walking Dead, which hasn’t been announced yet, but will likely be starting in October.