Nexit Ventures Invests In Open Smartphone Platform

    aava mobileToday Nexit Ventures announced an investment of €3 million to a Finnish Oulu based Aava Mobile (PDF here).

    Aava Mobile develops smartphone platform designs based on open technologies such as Linux and Android. The open platform technology will provide more flexibility for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and mobile operators to incorporate their own brand, user interface, content, and services into the devices.

    The platform includes both hardware and core software components, and thus according to the companys accelerates the development of new handset models significantly. Similarily flexibility of the open platform design brings new business opportunities for application developers as well as mobile operators.

    We did an video interview with Artturi Tarjanne, General Partner at Nexit Ventures, just before the news on Aava Mobile broke. You can find the video here and here.