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Thursday, June 30, 2022

NewsHubby launches a price guarantee for PR

“You shouldn’t pay for PR if it doesn’t give results”

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When you buy a service, you expect it to be delivered and conformed to your expectations. Not really rocket science, but until today this was not the case with PR services, since there was no guarantee of success – even if the consultant had made an excellent job.

NewsHubby is launching a price guarantee service, which means that companies can, with the help of this online service, create press releases and distribute them to relevant journalists in Sweden, Europe and the US, and only pay when it actually reaches the media.

The idea of this product came from a trip to San Francisco, where local startups pointed out their issues with PR.

We have noticed that many companies don´t want to hire a PR consultant since there is no guarantee for reaching out – even if the consultant has made an excellent work. You shouldn´t have to pay thousands of dollars per month if you don’t succeed – that doesn’t feel like 2015.“, says Alexandra Bylund, CEO and founder of NewsHubby.

Originally, the company was offering a service for creating press releases, along with a focus on the distribution part and the matchmaking between the companies and the ‘right’ journalists.

Aiming to “simplify the PR business and help all companies that want to, and has relevant news, to reach out.”, the product is tested in Sweden with the goal to be launched worldwide as soon as possible.

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