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In our quest to search new ways of serving our community better with interesting, educational, inspirational and most of all – useful content, we’ll be testing a new type of post in the coming few weeks. The new type of post will be a link to an external website, preceded by “Link” in the title.

While there are a ton of startup related links out there, we have some prerequisites to get published in our stream. We won’t be linking to other startup news in our links. The Link -posts are dedicated for advice, comments, opinions and experiences on an industry level. This means we’ll still cover startups and news in our regular posts, but write in a few links every now and then as they come across.

Like said in the first paragraph, this is very much a test and we’ll look for feedback during the weeks this test is on going to hear your thoughts on this. Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback to [email protected].

Image by Bull3t.