New Social Media App For Small Businesses

How do you know if your social media strategy is effective? What metrics do you think you should be monitoring? What do you do with numbers once you have them? Tracking your social media performance is something most of the online businesses have to do but also something they usually struggle with.

Social In Brief is a new service from Finland that offers a solution to social media monitoring for small businesses. The app tracks your social media profiles and sends you a weekly report about them to your email, and that’s it. It is aimed at businesses that want to be aware of their social media performance, but do not want to commit to buying an expensive social media management software.

The company behind the app, Turku-based Vaiste Productions, started out as a web development company. After spending several years on building websites and web applications for clients, they realised they want to produce their own products.

Social In Brief is one of these first new products they have in development. The idea for it came from browsing Facebook and Instagram API’s, which have a ton of resources and data there that most businesses don’t know about and could benefit from.

Social media monitoring is certainly a competitive business. With 2.1 billion active social media users the market is estimated to reach 5.4 Billion USD by 2020. Most of the social media platforms provide their own analytics tools, plus there are world famous companies like Hootsuite and Sprout Social that help businesses track their online performance. Vaiste Productions commented that other social media management platforms are too complex to use for everyday businesses.

Thus, Social in Brief would be a perfect solution for those businesses who use social media for brand awareness rather than a sales channel. It is priced at 5 euros (around 5.7 USD) per account, and a single account can have multiple social media profiles attached. Currently, the service supports Facebook pages and Instagram profiles with Twitter support coming soon.