New Monthly Event in Helsinki: "ArcticStartup Announce" at MVO

    Attention Helsinki!

    Let’s get a regular general event rolling again.

    We’ll call it ArcticStartup Announce, and let’s make it a celebration of what’s happening at your company.

    Here’s how it’ll work. If you’ve got something you want to share with the community, such as launching your beta or announcing a funding round, we’ll give you a few minutes to demo your product or share the news up in front of everyone. We have plenty of pitching events, but let’s just make this about us. By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Hopefully we’ll get 10+ companies announcing their new milestones, and afterwards we’ll celebrate it, have a good time, and network.

    I’ve heard of similar events in New York and Stockholm, such as STHLM Tech Meetup (Which is running tomorrow! RSVP here), and it seems like a fun concept, especially since we’re in the news business.

    Rather than throwing it at a bar, we’ve got a pretty sick coworking space with a few bar-type areas, so let’s just hang out at our house. The Minimum Viable Office is located on Aleksanterinkatu 16-18, right across from Senattintori, and we’ll make it obvious where it is if you haven’t dropped by yet.

    We’ll pick up enough booze to make sure you have the confidence to get up on stage, but let’s grassroots this event even more to avoid having to find a sponsor every month. If you’re up on stage sharing how you’ve just bagged Microsoft as a customer, you’re a hot startup in Helsinki. But if you’re up on stage with the same news (or not on stage at all), and you’ve brought some beer or champagne to share and celebrate with, then you are everyone’s newest favorite company. This is how Finland works.

    Part of this booze concept came from our TheNextWeb event, where Ninchat gave everyone Ninchat shots, which was cool. That’s creating culture, so let’s have fun with it.

    If you’re interested in announcing anything on stage a week from Wednesday, or if you have any questions, please send an email to greg (åt) with “ArcticStartup Announce” in the subject field. Once we get things figured out, we’ll also make you an admin of the Facebook event so you can make sure your friends are there, and get your logo up on the cover photo.

    We’ll officially start thing’s at 6 on Wednesday September 25th , but if you’re itching to get out of the office, just come on over whenever. We’ll be around. We’ll start the announcements at 6:30. Also, please RSVP on the Facebook event, so we have some idea about how many to expect.

    See you then!