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We’ve seen a good influx of jobs on ArcticStartup, so we figured we’d help promote those jobs and our job board. As a side note, anyone can add their jobs to our database for free by going to ArcticStartup.com/jobs and clicking “post a job”. If you don’t see your job posting immediately, it’s because this past summer we started getting lots of spam from Chinese battery suppliers who saw our job board as an amazing channel to market their Lithion Ions, so we put up a manual approval process that we check multiple times a day.


Iroquote is looking for a Community builder

Eniram needs a Software Engineer

DealDash is hiring a Customer Service Specialist

Melius is looking for a Coder, designer and co-founder

SstatzZ is looking for both a Data Analyst and iOS Developer

Moodwonder wouldn’t mind a Web Developer/Co-founder

Mendor needs a Software Developer


‘Founders’ needs a Full-stack digital marketer


TagMyRide wouldn’t mind a iOS Ninja – Mobile Engineer (iOS)

Coursio is hiring a Lead Design/UX

Jumpstarter is looking for a number of positions.

Check out a few more weeks worth of job postings on our Job Board!

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