New Job Openings

    arcticindexWe have been slowly developing ArcticIndex with KiskoLabs to make it even more useful for the Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurship community, which seems to grow bigger and stronger by the day.

    ArcticIndex is the primary information resource of Nordic and Baltic startups and the entrepreneurs behind them. It’s effectively your one stop shop for getting the latest information on the companies and people region, whatever your need.

    The platform has developed nicely and the latest addition to the service, a job board, is starting to get traction and we’re seeing more and more activity in there.

    Go and check out some very exciting opportunities that have been posted on the Job Board or post your own (here).

    Do let us know what is still missing from ArcticIndex and how you’d like to see it develop. You can follow and comment the progress on our development blog. Thanks!

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