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If you’re reading this through our e-mail newsletter or an RSS reader, you should come visit our site as we’ve done a small facelift with some additional features to the site. I’ve outlined some of the key improvements to the site in this post, to help our community take advantage of those. First and foremost though, I’d like to publicly thank our Karri Saarinen for putting in all the extra work to get this done. He’s worked with Kisko Labs to get the site out and functional. Many thanks for the effort!

So, what are the biggest changes?

  • Integration of ArcticIndex – we’ve added the remaining parts of the ArcticIndex, a resource of companies and individuals to ArcticStartup. We haven’t added it completely as we wanted to focus on the startup companies only. Therefore, you’re now able to add your company to our listings below the startups -tab. Please note that we’re mainly a resource for Nordic and Baltic startups, so if you’re a Central European startup for example, maybe we’re not for you. The basic criteria is that you have some linkage to the Nordic and Baltics in the form of the company being registered here or the founders being from this region.
  • Discussions – we’ve noticed that while the functionality is useful, it’s not used by a large part of the community. We’ve moved this from the front page to a page of its own giving more space on the front page to our stories. Additionally, there’s just one view into the stories, but you’re still able to “like” the ones that you find more interesting. The reason for a single view is simply the amount of stories there are added daily. We don’t really need the additional filtering on a seperate page.
  • Readability – Perhaps one of the more important improvements of the site has been the focus on better readability. We’ve taken advantage of this by making the site a bit more cleaner and consistent as well as changing the articles to a serif -font.
  • Subscribing/Following – this is naturally one of the most important in terms of engaging more people to the community. We wanted to make it easier for people to subscribe to the site so now the possibility to do so through different means is at the top of the sidebar.

That’s pretty much it. There are some small tweaks here and there, but we feel the above are the key improvements. Like always, we’re open for feedback and comments.

We hope you like the new design and added features!