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ArcticIndexArcticIndex, our database and a network of Nordic and Baltic startups, service providers and investors, has been growing steadily with new members. We have also added some new features together with Kisko Labs that have been asked for every now and then. Here’s a little run down on what we’ve released and some plans where we intend to go with the service.

Some new additions to the service include:

  • Availability to set a location for your company – this means you can choose a Nordic or a Baltic country from the drop down list to mark the home turf your company. This will come in handy in the future as we bring in more localised services to ArcticIndex.
  • Possibility to filter out companies and people based on their nationality – this feature has been asked for quite a bit and we agree, it is only the beginning in adding better ways to drill down to the database with keywords of filters of your choice. However, now when you go to either the companies page or people page, you are able to filter the nationalities with the tool on the left hand side.
  • Company specific URLs – this will help those smaller companies get more visibility through Google and other search engines. Unfortunately we can’t write about every startup there is, but that is no barrier for good online visibility. Just enter your company name as it should be in the field provided and the service will render the company page URL so that it matches your company name. A small step towards better SEO.
  • Company specific ArcticStartup blog posts – we matched the companies in the database together with the blog posts in ArcticStartup through tags. This means that, for example on Spotify’s page you will now be able to see the latest ArcticStartup blog posts regarding Spotify. This will make the content more relevant for everyone and useful.

We have a roadmap of new features that are going to be implemented in the near future, but what are the things you’d like to see in the service – where would you like us to take it? We’re going to be releasing embeddable boxes (like the one you see about Spotify and Kisko Labs below this post) to everyone in a bit, so other startup bloggers can also share the love. We’ve also been playing with the idea of bringing in tools for startups to take better control over their own page and start using it as a marketing platform, or a recruiting service. But now’s your chance – give us your input, where would you like us to take the service and what are the features you’d like to see implemented?

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