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dopplr logoKind of a catchy title, but it caught your eye – right? Dopplr has just added a new feature titled the Social Atlas. Social Atlas is a simple, yet very useful tool for sharing the places you’ve been to and liked.

It’s an ingenious step towards a new model for sharing and suggesting places around the world. Once you have large anough group of people who share places with you they’ve been to and liked – Dopplr is able to start using these recommendations to filter the locations and make them more relevant and useful for you. A simple, crowdsourced, alternative for a recommendation engine.

We’ve also had a chat with our friends at Dopplr and created a group called ArcticStartup. Feel free to join the group and share your travels with us. The reason is simple – you can see the whereabouts of other people in the field and if you happen to be in the same city, go for a beer. This falls well inline with our mission to enable and promote entrepreneurship in the Nordics and Baltics through better networking. Enjoy!

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